What are sources of stem cells that may be used in stem cell therapy?

Hematopoietic stem cells from different sources such as peripheral blood, fat and bone marrow can be used.  However, limitations include the number of stem cells available as a person grows older.  For example, by age 50 you have less than 1% of stem cells compared to the time of birth.  Mesenchymal stem cells may be found in the placenta and umbilical cord which has the greatest concentration of stem cells.

What do we use at Recovery Room IV Therapy & Wellness?

At Recovery Room IV Therapy & Wellness, stem cell tissue supplemental therapy includes material from mesenchymal stem cells (MSC).  This type of tissue supplementation is supported through FDA section 361 regulations from the PHS Act.  Advantages for using mesenchymal stem cells from the umbilical cord are their hypoimmunogenic state or “immune privilege” and  high concentration.  Immune privilege means that they will not induce a reaction from the immune system that could lead to adverse effects such as inflammation.

How does mesenchymal stem cell therapy work?

Anti-Inflammatory Effect

Whether caused by recent trauma or a long-term chronic condition, inflammation occurs because of tissue injury.  MSC derived therapeutics have been shown scientifically to dramatically reduce inflammation in the body or at the site of injury.  In some cases, there may be multiple areas in the body affected that can benefit from MSC therapy.

Immune-Modulating Effect

Our immune system is our primary defense against damage and the effects of aging.  Constant and prolonged assault by polluted environments, unhealthy foods, and unfit lifestyles weaken our immune systems and give rise to many diseases and conditions.  MSC therapy has been shown to reset our immune system throughout our body including the central nervous system. This “immune reset” enables our body to return to a healthy and balanced state.

Tissue Repair and Regeneration

MSC therapy attempts to re-activate our body’s own healing mechanisms.  In doing so, these therapies provide a catalyst which triggers our own cells to repair, restore amd regenerate new cells in diseased tissue.


The stem cell therapy can be given to the patient either intravenously or directly to the affected area such as an injection into the knee or shoulder.  This will be determined after your consultation with our medical provider.  If the stem cell therapy is given through an IV, it may be administered either by the medical provider or one of the qualified personnel within our Center.

While treatments are individualized based on the medical condition of the patient, in many cases only one treatment may be needed for the stem cell therapy to exert its benefit.  Ultimately, this will depend on the individual patient’s response to the therapy.  With regenerative therapy, it may be at least several months before the impact of the therapy is realized.

The prospective patient will have a consultation with our medical provider to determine if stem cell therapy is appropriate for their condition.  Once it is determined that stem cell therapy may offer benefit to their condition, the patient will be scheduled for the stem cell therapy once payment is received for the purchase of the therapy.

On the day of therapy, if the stem cell therapy is being given intravenously, an I.V. line will be started, the patient will be given IV hydration prior to the start of therapy.  The stem cell therapy will then be administered through the IV line via IV push. Additional IV hydration may be given. The patient will be observed for a period of time. Once it is determined that the patient is doing well, then they may leave the Center.

Experience the Healing of Stem Cell Therapy

MSC therapy performs healing through the same mechanisms found naturally in our body.  By replenishing our body’s reserve of key biological factors, MSC therapy jumpstarts healing, restoration, and rejuvenation of aged and damaged tissues.

As demonstrated with thousands treated, MSC therapy has been shown to be safe with minimal side effects and effective in the improvement of multiple acute and chronic conditions.

The stem cell therapy used is an FDA section 361 compliant product produced in an FDA approved laboratory. It is an acellular product derived from MSCs.
Currently, Stem Cell therapy is not FDA approved, and is considered experimental.
Stem Cell therapy is administered “off label” under the treating Physician’s license in the State of California.
Recovery Room IV Therapy & Wellness, LLP does not make any claims for any of their products in the treatment of any medical conditions or diseases.
There is no promise of results or improvement in any medical conditions or diseases.

*-Does not include regenerative therapies-exosomes, Stem Cells or NAD