Who We Are

Recovery Room is Scottsdale’s Premier IV Drip & Wellness Center

Recovery Room is dedicated to your health & wellness.

Our IV drip therapies and shots present an alternative option for natural, effective wellness for you. Our treatment ingredients are clinically proven and backed by research to be safe and potent.

Our treatments are administered by experienced Registered Nurses in a safe, relaxing environment. We never stop researching our industry so we can always provide you with top notch, state of the art treatment so you can feel your best everyday.

Mobile Service Available 9am – 6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm Sat-Sun

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Research Backed Ingredients


Rejuvenate your body & mind with potent, customized vitamin IV drips.


A variety of essential nutrients at therapeutic dosages for optimal results.


Optimum immune system support that boosts collagen & reduces inflammation.