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Easy and convenient, ships directly to you with options for in home collection and/or instructions to schedule a blood draw near you.


Learn about your genes (what you inherited from both your parents families) and what they can tell you about your health – how you respond to stress, exercise, foods, environmental toxins and more. This is the epitome of personalized, preventative, anti-aging medicine.

Pricing: $399

THYROID PANEL by Doctors Data

This panel measures 5 biomarkers to look at your TOTAL thyroid health. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), free T3, free T4, Antibodies to check for possible autoimmune thyroid conditions like Hashimotos’s

Pricing: $105 (plus $25 blood draw/lab handling fee)

MRT FOOD SENSITIVITY – Is your food making you sick?

The MRT is a simple, patented blood test that identifies your body’s reactions to 146 foods and 30 food additives & chemicals that can identify which items are causing an inflammatory response in your body that could be the cause of symptoms from migraines, to chronic fatigue, psoriasis, insomnia, fibromyalgia and more.

PRICE: $480


With a simple urine collection, 6 STD’s are tested (more than any other local clinics) including sensitivity testing for the correct, effective treatment.

Pricing: $110
**Additional $75 physician fee if anything is positive and requires a prescription sent into the pharmacy of your choice.


Since we require specific labs prior to giving you iron IV infusions as well as IV Vitamin C in doses over 25grams we offer those to make the process of getting them easier and more convenient for you.

IRON IV – Anemia Panel & CBC $45 (plus $25 blood draw/lab handling fee)
High Dose Vitamin C IV – G6PD & CBC $90 (plus $25 blood draw/lab handling fee)


Not sure what you need? Dr Ann, our Naturopathic Physician is happy to offer a one time free 15 minute “DISCOVERY” appointment. No health concerns or treatments plans will be discussed during this appointment, but Dr Ann will do her best to help narrow down the best lab testing for your concerns.

We have an account through Rupa Health which offers over 300 functional labs so even if it isn’t listed here, Dr Ann can help you find the right test for your needs. Please contact the clinic at 480-687-8091 to schedule.

Need more time or help? Dr Ann is happy to schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns more in depth or provide further testing advice.

15 Minutes – $75
30 minutes – $150
45 minutes – $225
60 minutes – $300


Laboratory results ultimately belong to you and you are welcome to take your results to the physician of your choosing for review.

Dr Ann Sura, our resident Naturopathic Physician, is available to review your results, answer questions, and make recommendations by appointment at the rates reflected under “which labs do I need”.

Due to the comprehensive nature of functional lab testing, a minimum of 30 minutes is recommended for lab review plus additional 30 mintues for a customized plan for a total of a 60 minute consultation.

Please note that this is a wellness and lab review and is not establishing a doctor/patient relationship. Lifestyle and supplement recommendations, including if requested, customized IV therapy protocols, will be covered.

Convenient Payment Options

While we cannot accept insurance, we do accept HSA and FSA payments.