Good Faith Exams

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Annual Good Faith Exams are now a standard practice for our clients in Arizona, aligning with updated state regulations to prioritize patient safety. Mandated by the Arizona State Board of Nursing and the state Medical Board, these exams establish essential patient/provider relationships prior to medical services.

As industry leaders, we are dedicated to delivering safe and effective mobile hydration services. To commemorate the launch of this vital service, we’re thrilled to extend a special introductory offer to all our patients. 

Upon completion of the Good Faith Exam, patients will receive a complimentary $30 specialized B12 shot.

The Good Faith Exam, a brief and convenient telehealth appointment, enables our healthcare professionals to assess your current health status and medications, facilitating any necessary recommendations or updates to your medical records. We believe these exams will significantly benefit our patients, ensuring their ongoing well-being while complying with state regulations. For any inquiries or to schedule your Good Faith Exam, please contact our friendly staff. Thank you for entrusting us with your care; we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to continue serving you with excellence.

You can do your exam in the clinic within a few minutes or we can send you a link to fill it out in your home.

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